Water saving, Habitat saving

Energy efficient, sustainable, architect designed houses at a reduced design fee

Our homes effortlessly allow you to be water efficient. With no significant change to your lifestyle you will be able to cut your water usage in half by maximizing the rainwater collection and use, as well as greywater use. Average daily water usage in our houses will be less than half of the previous government target of 155 litres per person per day.

Water saving measures

  • Rainwater collection to 15,000+ litre water tanks
  • Water efficient fixtures & fittings
    • 4 star toilet (3/4.5 litre flushes)
    • 3 star shower (7.5 litres/min)
    • 5 star basin taps (6 litres/min)
    • 4 star kitchen taps
    • 3 star laundry taps
  • Rainwater supplied to hot water service
  • Gravity flow grey water to gardens
  • Water efficient dishwasher

Creek habitat saving & flood mitigation

With increased density of development in our cities there is less opportunity for rainfall to seep into the earth and water table below, being naturally filtered and cleaned as it goes. Rain hits more hard surfaces, picks up oils and pollutants, and sheds to the existing underground stormwater pipes. As these pipes are existing and have not been upgraded, additional water will push them to capacity and increase the chance of flooding when their capacity is exceeded. As our stormwater mains also flow into creeks, the increased water flow and pollutants have the double effect of flushing out the habitat of our creeks and simultaneously also pushing more pollutants into the creeks and eventually the ocean.
Keeping rainwater on site, using it and stopping it getting into the stormwater satisfies the goals of reducing water demand from our dams, reducing the pressure to increase the number of dams, reducing loading and flooding opportunities in our drains, and delivering less flushing out of our creeks and pollutants into the ocean. Reducing the need to build new dams or upgrade pipe infrastructure shows the economic savings of simple sustainability. And you get to save on water usage costs – which will become increasingly significant as water prices rise. Maximising rainwater use can do all of this.

Architect designed sustainable houses for less