Materials selection

Energy efficient, sustainable, architect designed houses at a reduced design fee

Taking the time to research materials options means considering aesthetics and the overall strengths of materials from a sustainability point of view, balancing out the competing sustainability characteristics of each material. Ultimately where possible we select attractive, low maintenance materials (to benefit your lifestyle) with the best combination of sustainability aspects considered. Ie:

  • the energy consumed in producing the material (embodied energy)
  • the source of the material (transport embodied energy)
  • the damage to the environment and animal habitat in its sourcing
  • whether the material will easily regenerate or once it is gone it is gone for-ever
  • whether it is durable or will require replacement
  • whether there is regular maintenance or more inputs required for the upkeep of the material, or it lasts well in the condition it is supplied in
  • whether it is able to be dissembled and recycled if it comes to an end of its use in the building.

Architect designed sustainable houses for less