Less stress, less arguments

Energy efficient, sustainable, architect designed houses at a reduced design fee

Fast start

Because the design is already envisaged, plans can be submitted to town planning for approval generally within two weeks of receiving site survey plans. This could be within a month of engagement. This can save 2-4 months off the design stage of the project. You get off to a faster start than houses designed from scratch.

Minimising Problems

We work with the best people from the consultants through to the builders & trades. We

  • resolve construction problems at the planning stage with the architects
  • select the type of materials we want based on getting the right material for the job
  • work with people we want to work with, who do good work and don’t require call backs. If they don’t stack up they wont work with us again.

Once the first house of each design is built, we know exactly what it costs to build that house.


  • there is no changing or down-spec’ing of what you get.
  • there are also no variations or additional costs unless you change it or we explain an improvement to you.
  • because of our pre-build information gathering before we start there are less surprises from unknown rock or services underground.
Adhering to these approaches help the build process while you watch your house go up with much less stress than is common with most building projects.


Architect designed sustainable houses for less