Coy & Yiontis

Energy efficient, sustainable, architect designed houses at a reduced design fee

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With sharp lines and subtlety not always apparent in modern designs this 8 star energy efficient house built with best practice sustainability building materials and practices also creates a healthy environment. You will love living in this house with the great natural light, connecting to the back yard and outdoor entertaining space, and extra design features you find in accomplished architect designed houses. This house also has the flexibility to suit different size blocks and owners needs.

The house also changes with your changing lifestyle. The downstairs study can be a second living space. Alternatively it can become a bedroom for aged parents eager to avoid the regular use of stairs, while the side entry allows other extended family members to enter separately, heading straight upstairs to their stand alone residence. Upstairs bedroom 2 is plumbed and wired to simply retrofit a kitchen, and the wall between the two bedrooms can be removed to create an open living space, providing a very spacious comfortable two bedroom upper dwelling. Alternatively a wall can be installed at the bottom of the stairs to completely separate the two dwellings if they are to be rented out as two separate residences.

With a commitment to more sustainable design and building, this house is an 8 star energy efficient dwelling when located on east-west blocks. If located on a north-south block the house can still achieve 7.5 stars where the large windows on the side of the living space are partially reduced and compensated for by increased glazing to the new north end of the residence.

Architect designed sustainable houses for less