LID Consulting

Energy efficient, sustainable, architect designed houses at a reduced design fee

Sustainable building consultants Low Impact Development (LID) Consulting have provided the sustainable building expertise integral to the development of these house designs. Urban Innovation Homes have ensured that the houses styles are energy efficient with LID Consulting undertaking energy assessments and material input recommendations at all stages of the design.

Having experienced sustainable building consultants reviewing plans and recommending options for a well insulated building fabric, with the most water efficient fixtures and fittings, the most efficient appliances and the most environmentally friendly materials options within each standard material type, is where the houses exceed other better energy performance houses.

The service offered by LID Consulting is their Energy Rating Plus service – and with the inclusion of this complete building sustainability assessment Urban Innovation Homes houses are very energy efficient, with significant water savings, healthier internal environments for your family, and healthier on the planet. Designing the houses with the thorough Energy Rating Plus sustainable building assessment allows you to make your best endeavours to lower your environmental footprint on the planet, without substantially changing your lifestyle – other than enjoying the benefit of living in light filled, highly functional, attractive architect designed homes.

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Architect designed sustainable houses for less